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GBP/USD Analysis: US Dollar is Trying to Recover its Losses
GBP/USD Analysis: US Dollar is Trying to Recover its Losses
GBP/USD Analysis: US Dollar is Trying to Recover its Losses
GBP/USD Analysis: US Dollar is Trying to Recover its Losses
GBP/USD Analysis: US Dollar is Trying to Recover its Losses
GBP/USD Analysis: US Dollar is Trying to Recover its Losses
GBP/USD Analysis: US Dollar is Trying to Recover its Losses

Acording to WTB experts, the best Forex Brokers are:

Avatrade - Best Forex Broker based on expert and trader review

Plus 500 - Best trading opportunities for beginners

Exness - Best trading web platform

Top 3 Brokers

Our experts have been analyzing brokers in the Forex market for over 10 years while collecting all their respective reviews and posting them on our website. Thus, on our website, you can find at once all the reviews about any Forex broker in one place.


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If you are not very finicky, then choose immediately from among our top-most winners.

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The top brokers on the Traders Union list have a great rapport with their clients and abide by strict standards to fulfill their trading obligations.

Click on the "Profile" button of any broker on our list and find detailed information about it. The information is objective because we check everything against 100 criteria. You can read dozens of reviews by traders of that broker.

What our experts said

The best trading platform currently

Avatrade stands out as a premier choice in the realm of online trading, earning its reputation as the go-to platform for both beginners and seasoned experts alike.

For beginners venturing into the exciting world of trading, Avatrade provides a user-friendly interface and a wealth of educational resources. At the same time, the platform has become a trusted choice for experienced traders seeking a sophisticated and feature-rich trading environment.

As an experienced trader, I've found Avatrade to be an invaluable asset to my trading arsenal. The platform's seamless interface, advanced tools, and competitive spreads have consistently met my demanding standards, making it my preferred choice for executing precise and lucrative trading strategies. Whether I'm navigating volatile markets or implementing complex trades, Avatrade's reliability and user-friendly features have proven instrumental in enhancing my overall trading experience.

Good but unnecesarry complicated

Plus500 stands out for its intuitive and user-friendly interface, making it an excellent choice for both beginners and experienced traders. The platform's simplicity is a key strength, offering a seamless and efficient trading experience. With a focus on major markets, Plus500 caters to those who prefer a straightforward approach to trading without the complexity of an extensive array of instruments.

For users seeking a platform that prioritizes ease of use and accessibility Plus500's streamlined design and functionality make it a compelling option in the competitive landscape of online trading.

While Plus500 offers a user-friendly platform, I've found that AvaTrade surpasses it in several aspects, making it my preferred choice. AvaTrade provides a more diverse range of instruments, catering to a broader spectrum of trading preferences, and its advanced tools enhance the overall trading experience. The platform's commitment to innovation, combined with a user-friendly interface, positions AvaTrade as a superior option for those seeking a comprehensive and efficient trading platform compared to Plus500.

Excellent for occasional trading

Exness presents a trading platform with commendable features, but its user interface leans towards complexity, potentially posing challenges for traders seeking a more intuitive experience. The platform's navigational structure and trade execution processes could benefit from a more streamlined approach to enhance user accessibility.

While Exness offers positive aspects, traders might find that other platforms in the market strike a more optimal balance between sophistication and user-friendliness. It's important for users to weigh their preferences and priorities when choosing a trading platform that aligns with their specific needs and comfort level with complexity.

Althrough Exness is a decent trading platform, my experience with it has been marred by its somewhat convoluted interface, making it a bit too complicated for my liking. Navigating through the various features and executing trades often feels less intuitive compared to the streamlined experience offered by Avatrade. Despite its merits, Exness falls short due to its somewhat convoluted interface, rendering it a bit too complicated for my taste. Navigating through the platform's features and executing trades often lacks the intuitive flow I seek as an experienced trader.

How to choose a broker for you?

Pay attention to the following company parameters to choose the best broker for your needs:

1. The broker's footprint in the Forex market

The longer a brokerage company has been in the market, the more reviews there will be from its clients. Moreover, the older (i.e., more established) a company is the more it tends to value its reputation, which means it is more likely to fulfill its obligations.

2. Licenses

Only reliable brokers are licensed and they are strictly regulated by independent governmental monitors to protect traders and their investments. Maintaining a license is expensive, so not all companies can afford it. Analysts at World Top Brokers have prepared a list of the top regulated forex brokers in the world. Review it to choose a reliable broker.

3. Country of registration of the broker; representative offices and physical offices

Representative offices and broker offices are important components of selecting a reliable broker. A branching network of representative offices characterizes the company’s rate and commitment to the brokerage profession, although more and more brokers prefer online relationships with their clients.

4. Forex broker trading conditions

Each brokerage company offers its clients a variety of competitive conditions for trading, such as: minimum spreads, a large number of trading instruments, additional services, and bonuses. The combination of benefits offered is an important factor in the selection process.

5. Customer support and service quality

How quickly a broker’s customer support responds to a customer is important when assessing a broker's reliability. Top companies always respond quickly to every client's request and try to resolve the issue in the shortest possible time using the utmost courtesy.

6. Reviews of traders about the Forex broker

Clients who already work with one or more Forex brokers can reveal a lot about the broker’s reliability and professionalism. We study — and verify — the reviews of each company before posting our ratings.

7. The company’s position in the World Top Brokers Forex ratings.

This criterion is important when making your selection because the position of the broker in the World Top Brokers Forex broker rating reflects the final audit based on 100+ objective characteristics as compared to its competitors.

Average profit graph

This graph shows average profit per trader on the top 3 trading brokers and other brokers in the market


The rating of Forex brokers was created also based on the members of the website trade characteristics, as the World Top Brokers has access to them.

No one else in the Forex market has such an opportunity to analyze data from hundreds of thousands of traders simultaneously.

This is precisely why the World Top Brokers ratings of Forex brokers is the best and most objective ratings system of Forex brokers today.